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Not very many people know that my first home in Canada, aside from some short-stay furnished apartments in downtown, was an old farmhouse on a 26 acre property. That was pretty much my entire neighbourhood in The Hague, containing multiple high rise apartment buildings. A lot of space. It turned out to be the best of both worlds. I got my street smarts from living in the city, and my attitude from the country. There's definitely a change in perspective that happens when there are no neighbours around and you can pretty much do whatever you want. Play music as loud as the stereo allows, without having to worry about noise complaints from neighbours trying to sleep of their hangover. I loved to watch the rain, lightning, hear the thunder, and to just run outside when it first starts to rain to smell the air. It feels refreshing. Add to that long summer nights, bon fires, cold beers, tail gates, and all my friends who came to visit unannounced. In the country you don't need an invitation - just kick off your boots come on in. Some days I felt like I was living in a good old happy country song. It's those days when I would rather live on a farm in the middle of nowhere than live in a big house in the city. Slow country night definitely have a secret ingredient to offer that big city lights don't. It's probably the fireflies.

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